Simbiòtic Duo advertising image

This image was made following a small briefing to publicise the shows of a very special duo of violinists, Adriana Alcaide and Barbara Barros. The duo mixes a live show improvising baroque music and contemporary dissonance music. The adjectives I have been given to translate the main concept to the final result were such as baroque; contrast, light/dark, white/black, articulated, clear, detail oriented, red. Dissonance contemporary: you cannot hide, grey nuances, intrigue, mystery. At the same time they wanted to communicate as well the complicity between the soloists reflecting the personalities of each one inside the duo. The art direction, photo shooting and digital retouch of this image were made by myself.

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  1. Anonymous
    January 23, 2018

    Saludos y bendiciones: La imagen fotográfica me parece muy fabulosa, la técnica de exposición como la iluminación están perfectas, muy a mi gusto.


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