• adri_barbara_web

    Simbiòtic Duo advertising image

    This image was made following a small briefing to publicise the shows of a very special duo of violinists, Adriana Alcaide and Barbara Barros. The duo mixes a live show improvising baroque music and contemporary dissonance music. The adjectives I have been given to translate the main concept to the final result were such as baroque; contrast, light/dark, white/black, articulated, clear, detail oriented, red. Dissonance contemporary: you cannot hide, grey nuances, intrigue, mystery. At the same time they wanted to communicate as well the complicity between the soloists reflecting the personalities of each one inside the duo. The art direction, photo shooting and digital retouch of this image were made by myself.

  • 11_5_LW

    Magazine man promoting Lightwave 11.5

    Magazine man image used to promote new Lightwave 11.5.

  • web_totxe

    Saddington Baynes Christmas Card Sketch

    This is a first sketch of a Christmas card I produced for Saddington Baynes a company specialising in postproduction and creative retouch. I’m really thankfull for the opportunity to work there and for being able to do all the creative and technical process in this image using Saddington Baynes facilities and the feedback of such a group of professionals and lovers of imagery. It has been quite a challenge to produce this image from scratch and in a very short period of time. Starting from the research of an inspiring idea that had to respect a short and clear brief and going through all the phases of the production process. From the shooting at my studio in Barcelona (thanks Anna!) as well as the execution of all the CG material (modeling, texturing, shading,lighting and rendering) and the final retouch.

  • Lightwave Magazine dins

    Magazine Man project published on Lightwave Magazine

    Surprised and happy to be published my project and my fellow’s work (Alba Pérez) on LightWave Magazine Issue 01|Fall 2012. Pages 30 and 70

    Lightwave Magazine

  • wireframe_magazine_blog

    Magazine man’s wireframe

    Here it is, the wireframe of magazine man’s project. I think it is the only image that does not appear on the showreel.

  • Alba

    Blog of an excelent 3D scenery producer

    3D CGI artist Alba Pérez Guijarro, has been doing an amazing job with her last 3D project. An scenery with a tree entirely produced using 3D techniques, with photorealistic results that do not need any further comment, the quality of the image speaks for itself. I had the chance to made the 3D and photography master with my fellow and friend. Her Blog http://vagrantones.blogspot.com.es.

  • 02_b

    Posted on Lightwave 3D

    What a kind surprise when I saw my showreel posted the 23th of april 2012 on the official Lightwave facebook page, the software I use to produce 3D images. It is amazing how social networks brings such connections among people from abroad and let you share your creativity with everyone.

  • 01_webnew

    New web

    My new website, updated at least, with last images of retouch and CGI and also new sections like Showreel and the Blog page. I will upload diferent kind of material to the blog to keep you informed of the new projects I am working on.