Xènia Viñas Casademunt



Carrera de Arte Electrónico y Diseño Digital en ESDI, Sabadell. 1998-2003

Fotografía, Escuela Grisart, Barcelona. 2006-2008

Master en 3D para diseño gráfico y fotografía, FX ANIMATION, Barcelona 2011-2012

Publicaciones y Exposiciones

Revista DigitalFoto, número 82. Noviembre 2007

Exposición Le Tarot-mon cercle, Escuela Grisart. Del 30 de mayo al 10 de julio de 2008.

Proyección de las imágenes de “Le Tarot” en “La fabrica” C/Tapioles, 53 (Barcelona). 19:00 h. Fecha: 29 de enero de 2010

I’m a retouching artist working in still photorealistic images made of mixing photography integration and/or integration with CGI. The first section: Photo and CGI are images fully created with Lightwave 10.1 and Photoshop CS5. I took references from internet to produce these images during an amazing master with Iñaki González and Salvador Bolarín at FX ANIMATION (Barcelona). Photography retouch, is a personal project I began in Grisart with Jose Luís Bravo and Arola Valls that is still in progress and everything that appears came out of some lost place in my head. I added the result of two great dancing workshops at the school ICP (New York) with Roy Volkmann.


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