Magazine man

The intention of this image was to get the most precise matching of the original that I found on the internet. The closest possible copy in any way. The author of the original image is Marc Da Cunha Lopes ( Literally a torture, but a challenge at the same time. I’d be lying if I don’t say I enjoyed it a little bit, when things became to flow. Definitely the most difficult image I had to face. The photo shoot was the easiest part. Very complex for the modeling and the matching of the pages, head and chin with the reference image I found on internet. It took a long time to find the way of doing all that in 3D, with Lightwave. But the retouch to obtain the rest of pages, and overall, the layers on the skyn a half way between wrinkles and folds…I used everything I know render passes, retouching knowledge a lot of hours with photoshop and my obstinacy to obtain a photorealistic result. The lighting in Lightwave and the postproduction with photoshop to integrate the 3D pages with the skyn was complicated as well, there is a making of of it on the showreel menu.